Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Miracle followed me

Neem Ka Ped (Baba Ji)

Three Years back I got merried n shifted in new Bunglow in Juhu, in this bungalow my wife planted a Neem Tree, aftr almost one year  I shifted this 3feets tree at my studio kailasa... Apart from music my hobby is to know n observe people n plants s nature, and I knew that in maharashtr Neem Tree does not grow because of weather conditions as it needs lots of dry heat..  And strong sun... But as my life is full of Miracles n surprises.This Neem Tree at my studio grew from 3feet to 30 feet in just 9months of time.... Whoever is seeing that from the beginning is shocked.. It's all because of everyday the music is being made in kailasa n it's energising the surroundings... As music is the food of soul n soil... Although I have been seeing miracles on and off through out my life specially in last 8years (since I stared music career) but this one is really shook me,, Through such incidences I see God around me... Now this is the story to connect I was born in Village where in my courtyard there was a NeemTree n I was very emotionally attached to that, I used to call this tree Baba Ji .... When I was 5years my family migrated in the city Delhi, and I used to miss this neem tree.. I connect with this one as though Baba Ji has Returned to my life.... Also I am attached to this one like a baby attached to Mamma or baba.... I forget sometimes that I am a known person or celebrity to the world n like anybody I start singing to this tree all the the songs I used to sing in my very early days of childhood with my father under that Neem Tree (Babaji ).. And passerby stop by n surround me n end up clicking Pictures... N I laugh that I am mastmoula in my own world... And world is seeing what they want to see.... I talk to Baba ji smiling....And Baba Ji is standing besides me n blessing me... 

Friday, 22 July 2011

Music is healing people from all kinds of pain..

Music is healing people from all kinds of pain.. I observe this not as
a singer or performer only, but how I experience life in general...
When I meet people in life n get compliments I generally don't take
that seriously as world is really huge n full of sorrows n happiness..
And each compliment brings so much responsibility to be good n
worth..... Everyday we read newspapers n see news full of "DUKH"....
And unnerving.. And how music is fulfilling mankind n human beings
lives for better so that this world becomes livable... It's just eight
years of my music carrier n everyday I experience magic n miracle in
many sights to behold..we all live in music n with music in every move
of our life whether knowingly or unknowingly music completes us. I met
one unknown lady at some hospital in town(Mumbai) where I visited some
family friend, n happened to be called by Some unknown woman running
after me saying"my sister is a worshiper of your music n wants to see
you once, so I met the charming lady who was recovering from heart
surgery and she held my hand n started crying, to my surprise she kept
holding my hand n crying almost 15mnts, neither I or she spoke a
single word... I requested her to cry as much as she feels, so that
she will feel light . n later I shared Some jokes with her, I made her
lough n smile, before i left,the lady blessed me...this lady told me
that she is recovering fast from all pains...because she is allowed to
keep her iPod n she is listening to all my music.. She comes from a
rich family, but pain never get influenced by your financial
conditions..this experience brought me more close to the supreme
force... This magic of music I am seeing everyday through worlds
eye... I am blessed , God made me able to make somebody cry or laugh n
decrease the pain... Music heals life......