Friday, 22 July 2011

Music is healing people from all kinds of pain..

Music is healing people from all kinds of pain.. I observe this not as
a singer or performer only, but how I experience life in general...
When I meet people in life n get compliments I generally don't take
that seriously as world is really huge n full of sorrows n happiness..
And each compliment brings so much responsibility to be good n
worth..... Everyday we read newspapers n see news full of "DUKH"....
And unnerving.. And how music is fulfilling mankind n human beings
lives for better so that this world becomes livable... It's just eight
years of my music carrier n everyday I experience magic n miracle in
many sights to behold..we all live in music n with music in every move
of our life whether knowingly or unknowingly music completes us. I met
one unknown lady at some hospital in town(Mumbai) where I visited some
family friend, n happened to be called by Some unknown woman running
after me saying"my sister is a worshiper of your music n wants to see
you once, so I met the charming lady who was recovering from heart
surgery and she held my hand n started crying, to my surprise she kept
holding my hand n crying almost 15mnts, neither I or she spoke a
single word... I requested her to cry as much as she feels, so that
she will feel light . n later I shared Some jokes with her, I made her
lough n smile, before i left,the lady blessed me...this lady told me
that she is recovering fast from all pains...because she is allowed to
keep her iPod n she is listening to all my music.. She comes from a
rich family, but pain never get influenced by your financial
conditions..this experience brought me more close to the supreme
force... This magic of music I am seeing everyday through worlds
eye... I am blessed , God made me able to make somebody cry or laugh n
decrease the pain... Music heals life......


  1. Wonderful. Powerful.
    Sai Priya

  2. sir your music has the healing power similar to those of the great musician Mozart... glad to see you finally writing on music!

  3. Sir You are Great!

  4. being your fan, i want to say that, from like these events we get experience of the world...isn't true ji?

  5. It's true 101%, am not a professional but bathroom singer and recently started recording and sharing on YouTube. During singing session I forget everything else, I Cry with a sad song, I feel happy with a good song, and afterwards I feel energy to sing more. Thanks for writing, good to read this coming from a great singer, straight from heart :)

  6. I absolutely agree. I was lucky to watch a Kailasa concert at Siri Fort auditorium in Delhi a couple of years ago. I was going through a very bad phase at that time - but listening to that powerful music made my forget my pain, for those hours, and made me smile. I had also written on my blog about it :) I wish I get a chance to can attend more of Kailasa's live concerts. You really have the power to make people feel better. Thank you for the music!


    This is what I had written at the time.

  8. kailaashbhaai aap hammeshaa sufy gaane hi gaate rehnaa. aapse jalnevaale aapke dost banenge or kahi aapko dusre kisi maarg par jaane ki suchnaa na de de. or agar de to sochlenaa wo aapke dushman he. unse kehnaa mat , lekin unkaa kahaa karnaa bhi mat.

  9. Doctor for pain gives medicine,
    But your makes the pain unseen.

    HO HO HO

  10. Thanks you very much. Your comments are precious.

  11. apka blog padha bhagwaan.......bahut khushi hui.keep rocking always,keep giving life and light to the souls who are lost in the world which seems very colourful,but it is actually all full of darkness,the world which is nothing but a mirage.......u r a saviour,a magicians,your music is divine,heavenly that is as pure as ganga,according to me listening your music is equivalent to taking a holy bath in pure river dunia ko bhatakne se bachchane ke liye shukria.makadjaalon se aazad karane ke liye shukria,apni dhun mein ramaane k liye shukria,apna tez failane ke liye shukria....:)

  12. You truly heal with your voice... even the sad numbers that you lend your voice to work magically and soothes one into pure bliss... be it "Yaa Rabba" or "Saiyaan..." or "Teri Deewani" or any other, you stir one's soul with your voice :))

  13. very true kailashji.............ur the best...!!!!!!!Nobody can cure the pain,until ur musics r played......