Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Let's Rock at Hard Rock

Lets Rock at Hard Rock

29th July 2011 is gonna be most memorable day of my musical journey, as it was first time in 8years of my career in my karmbhoomi Mumbai, I  performed in closed club sort of cafe (American Chain) for packed house of about 300 people, the enthusiasm n excitement was super, as I am spoilt by  my fans and music lovers for performing live in front of 10000 or plus audiences mostly, it was not usual kailasa set up..... It was me with coke studio s in-house band lead by Darshan Doshi singing my albums songs without rehearsal with this band, and few other coke studio s artists were lined up to perform.. So it was multi starer performanc in this event, the last solo act is me, and in the end all 6performers will come n do the finale song while I will already be on stage n join all for my bit in the finale song.... by the way this band is created by Lesle Lewis when he was composing tunes for coke studio @mtv... I was thinking whether I would be able to really sing at such noisy place where more then listening to live music, People enjoy outing , socialising, networking.. Upar se hamko aadat padi hai ki " "wherever we perform people don't eat or drink during performance" so it was kind of mix of excitement n nervousness... So I reached for sound check few hours before, n before actual sound check, some media interaction took place, still remembering the repeats of questions n answers as the sound check was on with other performers, and it was really tough to talk even one on one,, in that noise, all that exp left me thinking what kind of practice is this where people can manage everything from talking to journos to going for sound check all at the same time, anyway somehow sound check n media talk was done with good, bad,funny exp... When i checked my space in finale song with other singers i dint know what i am supposed to write n sing there n then so at rehearsal some thought came n i started singing my part that made all people present there clapp loudly, but i asked organiser that this part i just sang very new just came to me words n tune both, so had any of your video guy recorded this so that i can hear it back n learn it by heart but to my surprise all my album songs they recorded except the new one...Any way i left it Raam Bharose for actual performance time...nd my Manager Pakul told me we are supposed to come for performance at around 10pm... I checked in in near by Hotel to chill in the mean time n got ready to come back by rite time, when I reached the venue it was different scene altogether there, it was packed with countless heads, so somehow bouncers took all of us to one corner after struggling crossing mob.... I reached there 2acts before mine, n finally bouncer took me to d stage again aftr struggling during passing through mob people looked at me smiling.... N I started singing but my view was blocked because of very high stage n on stage monitors were also adding to that... I stood on d speakers n kept singing, the entire energy of the audience there  transformed in to a Power house.....one aftr the other 3songs I sang, and requests started taking place n sang two extra song without d permission ( that's a usual practice in my country) as performers are ruled by audiences here.... Entire performance I did standing on d speakers n without hearing monitors... Each musician of the band were looking at me n smiling n giving me all musical backings... which kept me giving my best in each song... And finally comes the finale song all the singers on stage singing Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho.... When my part came I started singing a tune with new words "Mai jab tere Ishq mien dooba rahtaa Hun, saare jag ko paagal paagal kahta Hun " people were singing along these lines... That was a magical moment for me n all .... All the questions were answered in that moment... Sometimes unintelligence helps experiencing such magical moments in creative world.... That was the finale at Hard Rock Cafe.......


  1. Waooooo...sir.... I am sure these magical moments bring smile , an inner joy and memories to cherish forever..... Music is food for singers and musicains:) Keep rocking :)

  2. I wish you do such performances in smaller cities as well and people enjoy them here as well. Wish to see you soon @ Amritsar ;)

  3. Bahut Acche Chachaji .. Very Good read .. must have been wonderful and different experience. Take care .. and gain new heights.. You already are the Best be Better than Best.

  4. I've been a fan ever since seeing you in San Francisco a few years ago. Your work is amazing, glad you're blogging! :)

  5. We missed you this year at the Hollywood Bowl in Summer.
    You had promised to come with your own "Light Man".
    Any plans of coming this side again??

    Regards to your Mrs.

    God Bless

    Dr. Raj Pandita
    Los Angeles, CA

  6. It was really nice to read ur experience,i wish u much more magical moments in ur life .........!!!!

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